Here at Eastern Hills Vet Centre we love what we do, & we have fun doing it.

Our enthusiasm for the veterinary world makes us a thorough and careful team, always striving to practise quality medicine and care of pets.

We maintain high standards, and are motivated to further our knowledge and work with owners to get the best possible outcomes for each individual animal.

Canine friends

Dogs of all shapes & sizes are welcomed at Eastern Hills Vet. We love our canine friends, & never cease to be amazed by the endless range of personalities & quirks they possess. We strive to practise high quality, individual medicine - as our dogs deserve.

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Feline friends

We love taking care of feline friends here at Eastern Hills, from kittens through to senior cats. We know that cats can be wonderfully different and diverse, & we pride ourselves on treating them accordingly – like the individuals that they are.

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Other Creatures

Do you have a feathered, furred or scaly friend that needs a check up?

We are a small animal clinic and love the diversity of pets in the hills, & endeavour to treat all of them with care and diligence.

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