Do you have a feathered, furred or scaly friend that needs a check up?

We are a small animal clinic and love the diversity of pets in the hills, & endeavour to treat all of them with care and diligence. (We also care for wildlife here at Eastern Hills – Click here for more info).

Our vets and nurses enjoy the variation of pets that, at times, comes through our doors - be it poultry; aviary & pet birds; pocket pets (ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, rodents); and the occasional reptile.

Eastern Hills Veterinary Centre is a well equipped veterinary hospital. The veterinary and nursing staff have many years combined experience, and all have a passion to further their knowledge and skills.

Some of the Services we provide:

Wellness care

Health & wellness checks, including husbandry & diet guidance

Vaccinations (for ferrets & rabbits)


If you have any questions about our services, facilities or procedures please feel free to contact us to discuss, or make a time to come in and chat.

Additional veterinary care

Hospitalisation, diagnostics & treatment of unwell pets

General anaesthesia & surgery

Imaging: digital radiology & ultrasound

In-house pathology


End of life care & humane euthanasia