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“Happier, Healthier Pets”

Here at Eastern Hills Vet Centre we love what we do, & we have fun doing it.

Our enthusiasm for the veterinary world makes us a thorough and careful team, always striving to practise quality medicine and care of pets.

We maintain high standards, and are motivated to further our knowledge and work with owners to get the best possible outcomes for each individual animal.

Behind the Scenes at Eastern Hills Vet

We strive to make the clinic experience as peaceful & pleasant as possible for each patient. We know they all have their individual personalities & quirks.

We endeavour to keep in close contact with the humans, too!

Veterinary visits can be stressful and worrying times for pet parents, and we hope to communicate that all patients here are treated like individuals.

Remember that we’re all here because we want to be - which means we really do care.

Our objective at Eastern Hills is for “happier, healthier pets” – and to us this means aiming for happier, more informed humans, too.